Things to do in the Pee Dee

Featured Activity – River Expeditions

From exhilarating expeditions to peaceful floats along the river, kayaking in the Pee Dee can be a varied experience depending on the kind of trip you want to have. Outfitters in the Pee Dee region can set you up with a kayak or canoe and paddles and either guide you on a canoeing trek or just point you in the right direction.


Looking to spend some time with your family in the Pee Dee but aren’t sure where to go?  The Pee Dee is a family friendly area, full of tons of parks, museums and attractions that are great for children.  There are great outdoor and indoor places alike so it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit. From family attractions to fishing to museums to the performing arts.  You can find things to do and discover in the Pee Dee, the best way to experience the old South.



Welcome to the Pee Dee

The Pee Dee offers three beautiful state parks and natural areas and many local parks as well as four scenic rivers. The area also has more than 30 exciting and affordable golf courses! It’s no wonder that outdoor activities are popular here! Come chip, putt, paddle, cycle, race, raft, kayak, hike, fish, and just have fun!

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